Multiple Choice sheets automated marking

Any questions about AMC installation? Use the dedicated forum on AMC project website (register first).

Installing on Ubuntu

Since Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

Package auto-multiple-choice is available on the official Ubuntu repository. Use your favorite tool (Software Center, Synaptic, etc.) to install it.

All Ubuntu versions, testing a recent version of AMC

Prefer AMC testing repository for more recent versions, with additional features but perhaps a little less stable:


This repository name can be added with the graphical interface (see for example this documentation).

Then select package auto-multiple-choice for installation, and validate.

Development version

You want to install the development version, with most recent features (and perhaps bugs)? Use the testing PPA, updated on a regular basis from the development version of AMC:


Old Ubuntu versions, AMC stable version

Last stable version is 1.5.2, released on 2021-11-21.

To install it, you can use the project's repository:


Besides auto-multiple-choice, this repository contains several other packages with newer versions than in the official Ubuntu repository, in order to fix bugs affecting AMC:

  • Package libnet-cups-perl with version 0.60-1 to fix a bug in version 0.59-1 (9.10 Karmic Koala version) make AMC crash when asking to print sheets.
  • ImageMagick packages at version 6.5.5 to fix a bug (present in 9.10 Karmic Koala packaging) preventing PDF corrected answer sheets generation with multi pages sheets.

Using Ubuntu AMC repository, you will allow these packages to be updated automatically.

More options...

Search the download_area for more resources. You will find there for example older versions. Also consider using the project's repository .