Multiple Choice sheets automated marking


Operating system

The AMC utilities have been written for Linux. They can also be installed on MAC OS X using MacPorts.



If you install AMC with deb or RPM package (on debian, Ubuntu and derivatives, Mandriva, openSUSE, Fedora), every software used by AMC will be automatically installed.

The main packages/software that are required for the use of AMC are the following:

  • LaTeX

  • image processing libraries ImageMagick and OpenCV

  • Perl, together with Gtk2-Perl and Glade::XML for the graphical user interface

Recommended versions for software used by AMC

A few bugs in old versions of software used by AMC are particularly detrimental to its operating normally:

  • With old versions of Net::CUPS (debian package libnet-cups-perl), the command for printing the test sheets leads to a premature exit from the AMC graphical user interface. This bug is fixed in versions 0.61 and later of Net::CUPS.

  • With old versions of ImageMagick, the merging of corrected answer sheets into a single PDF file per student does not work when answer sheets comprise more than one page. This bug is fixed in versions 6.5.5 ad later of ImageMagick.


From version 1.1 of AMC, it is not mandatory anymore to write your questionnaires using LaTeX language (see the section called “AMC-TXT syntax” for a plain text alternative syntax). However, LaTeX is still the native AMC language for questionnaires descriptions, and allows the user to design his questionnaires with tremendous freedom. The templates that are provided should allow those who are not deterred by LaTeX format to quickly start writing their own MCQs.