Multiple Choice sheets automated marking

Usage notes

Numerical limitations

In the present version (starting with version 0.156), the maximum number of students per test is limited to 4 095, and the maximum number of pages per test is limited to 63 ( Modifiable default values, see Binary code).

The maximum number of answers for a given question is limited to 199 (Unmodifiable default value).

LaTeX's own limitations may make compilation impossible, producing e.g. a « No room for a new \toks » error. In that case, try again using the package etex, thanks to the \usepackage{etex} command.


Even though it should not have too many consequences, it is recommended not to change the program version while working with a given project (between the time when the test sheets are printed and the time when tests are corrected and graded). There are a few modifications which may interfere with AMC operating normally if you apply them while working with a given project:

  • If you have compiled and printed with a version of AMC earlier than 0.155, and then handle the project with version 0.156 or later, add the option versionA in the reference to the package automultiplechoice in the LaTeX file. Example:

  • From version 0.262 on, the drawing of the checkboxes changed to be slightly larger, which may alter the layout of the test sheets.

  • From version 0.267, if you want to produce A4 format test sheets, you have to state it explicitly in the LaTeX file:

  • From version 0.394, if your LaTeX code needs package graphicx, you have to load it explicitly (earlier versions of AMC loaded it).

  • The LaTeX command \AMCcode was rewritten in version 0.518. It is now more robust and configurable, but you will have to adapt the LaTeX sources you wrote for older versions to keep the same layout.

  • From version 1.1.0, all AMC data is stored in SQLite databases instead of lots of XML files. The first time you open a project, old XML files will be converted to the new format.


With debian, Ubuntu, or a derived operating system, you can use the debian official repository and ubuntu AMC repositories. On Mandriva, openSUSE or Fedora, you can use prebuilt RPM packages. The installation procedure is described on the AMC web-site.

You can also download the source code archive on the project download space, then use the following commands in a terminal:

tar xvzf auto-multiple-choice_xxxx_precomp.tar.gz
cd auto-multiple-choice-xxx
sudo make install


Once the installation is made, the graphical user interface can be launched by choosing ApplicationsEducationAuto Multiple Choice in the Gnome general menu (or its KDE or other analog), but one can also use the auto-multiple-choice command.